The Dastkar Bazaar, New Delhi, November 19–30, 2015

Design Helps artisans’ first trip to craft exhibition in Delhi


Design Helps self-help groups are preparing for their first ever visit to Dastkar craft exhibition in Delhi.
The small rural village in Odisha is buzzing during the last days before the trip. Products are being finalized, we are frantically ordering train tickets, brand new business cards and product tags and organizing transportation for the products. Four artisans are getting ready for their first visit to the Dastkar exhibition, a famous retail marketing platform for traditional Indian craftspeople. This visit is the artisan community’s first venture into craft markets outside their own hometown. We hope to gain experience from Dastkar that will support the self-help groups in better realising their skills and gaining professional confidence and understanding of the markets.
We welcome you warmly to Dastkar exhibition on November 19–30, 2015!


Take a look at the first line of products presented in Dastkar!

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